August 16, 2011

What's Your Intention?

Sitting down to create an after-care program, I considered its mission. I applied the school's mission and philosophy to establish goals for the program. The goals went beyond after school supervision  for children. While balancing activities with structure, an intention presented itself. The intention conveyed a sense of community and respect while providing student choice for the activities.

Naturally, I considered myself. As an adult, I have choices. Over the years, they have been shaped by experience, morals and values. Yet, I pondered my intention. Most of us have goals for the school year, to integrate technology, use social media, develop creative lesson plans, etc. In my opinion, a goal is materialistic while intention is the force that drives us. A goal can be achieved, while intention is the foundation of our decisions and actions.

My intention is to be the "space" and provide the platform for students to be aware of their thinking, to identify feelings and to understand the effects of behavior. By nurturing creativity, critical thinking and perseverance, I guide students to be empowered by, yet held accountable for their actions. As we emphatically jump into the hectic new school year, what's your intention? What drives you each year? Has your intention changed over time?